Search Engine Optimization services

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing Website visibility on the internet. Therefore, getting more traffic and increase its ranking in Search Engines.
Getting a website is not enough when its not visible in the market. By the help of Search engine optimization services, you can get better traffic to your websites, target your right audience, hence, increasing sales.
In Codeiq Technology, We use strategic planning and analytical researches to make your website rank high in Search Engines. With an increased visibility through major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., Your rate of conversion becomes much higher.
SEO Service is neither short time or quick process. It requires extensive planning and strategic guidance for get better results.
We understand your website market and target the right one to get your business promoted and rank higher than your competitors and increase your sales.

Search Engine Optimization services

Getting top on the results

Website analysis

Thorough Auditing of the Website and understanding Business Nature for Improved Search Results.

Keyword Research

Selecting most yielding Keywords suitable for the website and using them for better Search results.

Content Optimization

Marketing through blogs, articles, website contents, classified ads and other tools available in the internet.

Traffic Monitoring

Tracking Website Traffic, conversion rates, used keywords and other data by the use of Analytics Tools.

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